Smart Local Union №565


Grievance and Settlement Update


Wolf Appliance: Defective Work Grievance. Member was disciplined for defective work while other employees with identical defective work were not disciplined.  The Union prevailed on the basis of disparate treatment at 3rd step, and the discipline was removed.

Wolf Appliance: Productivity Grievance.  Member was written up for non-productivity; name was wrong on the discipline, date was wrong on the discipline (by two years), discipline was vague as to nature of offense.  The Union prevailed at the 2nd step, and the discipline was removed.

Sub-Zero: Overtime Grievance.  Employer allowed temporary workers to work Saturday overtime hours without offering that work to qualified full-time employees.  Union grieved overtime language in the working agreement.  Union prevailed and two full-time employees were paid lost wages.

Sub-Zero: Job Outsourcing Grievance.  Employer sent 8 distribution home assignment jobs to another bargaining unit.  Union filed for arbitration, Employer settled on a wage payout to the affected employees.

Wolf Appliance: Production Training Pay Grievance.  Employer announced that it would eliminate a training pay past practice.  Union grieved and prevailed at 1st step, training pay continues to be paid to assembly trainers.

Sub-Zero: Travel Pay Grievance.  Union grieved on-the-road weekend pay for Pro-48 Development Crew employees.  Employer and Union settled on 8 hours of straight time pay for affected Members on Saturdays and Sundays.

Greenheck: Scanning Grievance.  Employer added a new scanning duty to GFC Grade 3’s as part of their finished goods interplant transfer job.  Union grieved as a violation of prior agreement(s) and moved to arbitration.  Arbitrator’s decision is pending.

Architectural Products: Termination Grievance.  Employer terminated a Member without just cause for allegedly violating restrictions while on Worker’s Comp leave.  Union grieved and moved to arbitration.  Arbitrator’s decision is pending.

Greenheck Fan: Outsourcing Grievance.  The Employer outsourced the erection of steel racking.  The Union grieved the contracting out of Unit work.  The Union prevailed at the 2nd step of the grievance process.  The Employer placed $500 into the Good and Welfare Fund.

Greenheck Fan: Cell Phone Use Grievance.  The Employer disciplined a member twice for the same offense.  The first discipline was lenient, the second was strict.  The Union grieved the double jeopardy.  The Employer and the Union settled on a reduction of the one day suspension to 4 hours, with 4 hours of backpay.

Greenheck Fan: Negotiated raise.  The Employer added additional AWS requirements to weld positions.  The Union negotiated a $0.25/hr raise in an LOU for all Dampers Grade 1 welders.

Greenheck Fan: Reclassification of Work agreement.  The Plasma cutter was previously classified as fab, now reclassified as auto spin.  GFC Grade 3’s are no longer required to perform the work.

Greenheck Fan: Use of personal days.  The Employer and Union signed an LOU allowing the use of personal days to cover voluntary non-standard work days (Saturdays and Sundays) for the purpose of preserving perfect attendance.

Congratulations and Thanks are due to all of the Stewards, Committee members, and Officers who stepped forward and worked to victory and resolution on these grievances and issues.  Solidarity through Service!